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Chanter. Apprendre. Célébrer.

"Gregg LeRock : Rock 'n' roll et pédagogie – une combinaison gagnante!" Radio-Canada / CBC

The 2022-23 nationwide project from FSL superstar Gregg LeRock

Le Projet national FLS Au Canada is custom-built to engage students from both Core French and French Immersion programs, and motivate them through music to speak, write and sing in French. Guided by Gregg LeRock, an award-winning French educator and professional musician with extensive experience both in the classroom and on the big stage, this year-long project offers the flexibility of both classroom and online learning – entièrement en français!

Download the project overview (PDF)

Including :

  • Three exclusive “rendez-vous virtuel” sessions with Gregg LeRock during the year, including a virtual Gregg LeRock National Culminating Performance in May 2023
  • Easy-to-use teaching packages with activities at four levels that let you pick and choose your strategy for student success all year long
  • Curriculum that celebrates positive, values-based themes of equity, diversity, truth and reconciliation, mental health and well-being
  • The opportunity to engage and share your Au Canada creations with Gregg LeRock

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Project packages

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Here's what they say…

An incredible opportunity for our students

“The Rendez-vous virtuel sessions, classroom activities and national culminating concert were an incredibly fun and easy way to get students engaged in reading, writing, listening, speaking and singing in French!”

Serena Quintal, Peel District School Board

C’était incroyable!

Gregg LeRock partnered with the district French consultant, Core French and French Immersion teachers, and hundreds of students from 30 Abbotsford School District schools for the pilot project and here’s what they thought:

“C’était incroyable! This engaging project helped us with classroom and online FSL planning, teaching, staying focused and motivating both our students and teachers. Gregg’s songs, lyrics and extensive teaching support have brought life, relevance, meaning, fun and incredible value to our Core French and French Immersion programs, from K-8. Highly recommended!”

Natalie de Wit, Conseillère pédagogique, langues modernes, Abbotsford School District, BC

Unbeatable value!

“Unbeatable value! Gregg’s expertise as an FSL educator, songwriter and professional performer helps our students and teachers connect to the curriculum better than anything else and makes learning and engaging in French easy, meaningful and exciting.”

James Miller, York Region DSB

Kids understand and engage with the social messages all year long

“Students love Gregg’s catchy tunes… songs address social and emotional well-being… kids understand and engage with the social messages and engage all year long with the concepts… all this while having fun and looking forward to the big culminating event!”

Trish Kolber, Conseillère pédagogique en langues modernes, VSB, Vancouver, BC

Energetic, culturally sensitive and alive

“Your new project is energetic, culturally sensitive and ALIVE. It has verve, it captures the imagination through images and it is Canadian to the core.”

Bill Hogarth (LLD), Director of Education (Ret’d), York Region District School Board

Our Canadian FSL legend

“Gregg LeRock is our Canadian FSL legend! His song lyrics are engaging, easy to understand and allow students to explore topics and themes that affect them and their world… this treasure trove of new online and classroom teaching supports is unbelievably helpful to teachers and students throughout the school year!”

Michèle Zoccoli, Project Activities Pilot FSL Teacher​, District School Board of Niagara

My students love learning and singing Gregg’s songs

“My students LOVE learning and singing Gregg’s songs… it’s their favourite part of both classroom and virtual learning. The ‘Rendez-vous virtuel’ sessions and performance were the highlight of their year!”

Jill Durrant, French Immersion Pilot Teacher, Toronto DSB