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What is Le Projet national FLS Au Canada? 

It’s a new, nationwide FSL project that will engage students from both Core French and French Immersion programs, and motivate them through music to speak, write and sing in French. The project offers the flexibility of both classroom and online learning.

How much of the program and delivery is in French?

French Immersion

Teacher’s Guides are in English, with suggested question prompts to deliver during the lesson in French. All Student Activity sheets, including Success Criteria are in French. All program delivery is in French.

Core French

Teacher’s Guides are in English, with suggested question prompts to deliver during the lesson in French. Student Activity sheets are in French.

Program communications

Correspondence and website information is in English to accommodate the sharing of project timelines, details and payment information with administrators and support staff whose French may be limited.

Why was it created?

In order to better understand the current needs of students and teachers, Gregg LeRock spent six months consulting with educational colleagues from across the country — Core and Immersion teachers, principals, French consultants, superintendents and directors. The result is a national project that celebrates positive, values-based themes of equity, diversity, truth and reconciliation, mental health and well-being and offers the flexibility of both classroom and online learning.

Are there recent reviews?

There sure are! Here are a few to start with and here are a whole bunch more.

Who is project creator Gregg LeRock?

Two-time Juno award nominee Gregg LeRock is Canada’s FSL superstar. To over two million students, he’s the guitar-slinging French rockstar who makes them want to sing — at the top of their lungs — in French! To thousands of FSL teachers, he’s the go-to French educator, providing extensive teaching and learning materials that engage students who can’t get enough of his catchy melodies, funky grooves and meaningful lyrics. Gregg’s teaching support connects to the curriculum through themes of equity, diversity and mental well-being. Read more about him here.

Who are the authors and project team?

Gregg LeRock – Project creator, songwriter and producer

Cathy Stanley – Lead curriculum author

Lorraine Richard – Lead advisor/editor

Natalie de Wit – Abbotsford District Pilot Project 2021

Bill Hogarth – Advisor

Trish Kolber – Advisor

Jill Durrant – Pilot teacher and advisor – French Immersion

Michèle Zoccoli – Pilot teacher and advisor – Core French

Yana Ioffe – Advisor

Joan Dobbie – Advisor, CPF Halifax

Don Ablett – Advisor

David Geene – Advisor

Francine Bouffard – Lead editor

Dagmar Rathjen – Editor

LiveWire Remote Recorders Ltd. – Audio/technical consultants and production managers

Read more about our amazing team here.

Has this program been piloted?

In 2021. Gregg LeRock partnered with the district French consultant, Core French and French Immersion teachers, and hundreds of students from 30 Abbotsford School District schools for a Pilot Project. Here’s what they thought:

“C’était incroyable! This engaging project helped us with classroom and online FSL planning, teaching, staying focused and motivating both our students and teachers. Gregg’s songs, lyrics and extensive teaching supports have brought life, relevance, meaning, fun and incredible value to our Core French and French Immersion programs, from K-8. Highly recommended!” Natalie de Wit, Conseillère pédagogique, langues modernes, Abbotsford School District, BC

Is this meant for Core French or French Immersion – or both?

Both! We offer four different levels of Teaching Guides and Student Activities, available in Comprehensive four-level package or two-level option. Each level has been specifically developed for the following levels:

Core French – Junior (Grades 4-6)

Core French – Intermediate (Grades 7-8)

French Immersion – Primary (Grades 1-3)

French Immersion – Junior/Late (Grades 4-6, 7-8)

What are the “Rendez-vous virtuel” sessions?

Students and teachers join Gregg for three secure and exclusive “Rendez-vous virtuel” visits which will be accessible over two days. All components of these visits are delivered in French at an easy pace that makes them accessible to all students. On both of these days, teachers from participating schools will be able to access a private YouTube-hosted video link from 8:15 a.m. – 3:45 p.m. Teachers can stop, replay, or slow down the video via playback settings. To guarantee internet connectivity for all schools and to allow for accessibility throughout the designated viewing days, these sessions are pre-recorded. For the safety and privacy of all students, and for authors’ and creators’ copyright protection, the private link is only available for use by the participating teachers in your school.

What are the project components?

Le Projet Au Canada includes extensive teaching packages with instructional strategies that will support your planning, instruction, and scaffold for student success throughout the year. A rich variety of activities promote spontaneous conversations, critical thinking through real-world connections and excitement for French class.

Materials include video links, multiple activities based on Instructional Intelligence, active learning, graphic organizers, visuals, picture vocabulary cards, sentence prompts, conversation starters, higher-order thinking opportunities, differentiated tasks, summative assessment tasks, and success criteria for each of the ten project songs.

Download the list of project components

Is there a summary of instructional strategies?

Instructional strategies by song.

Sommaire des stratégies pédagogiques par chanson.

Can I download a project overview?

What are the song titles and themes?

  1. Au Canada – Community, diversity, immigration, Canadian inventions, politeness, festivals, hockey, UN Peacekeepers, Charter of Rights and Freedoms.
  2. Prends soin de toi – Mental health and well-being, empathy.
  3. Voyager – Travel preferences, ideal holidays.
  4. Montrez-moi vos mains! – Community, inclusion, diversity.
  5. C’est bon! – Cultural literacy, manners.
  6. Sous son sombrero – Cultural literacy, financial literacy, Spanish around the world.
  7. C’est comme ca ici – Equity, diversity, inclusion, community, truth and reconciliation.
  8. Terry FoxLa perseverance – Inclusion, the Marathon of Hope, character education, Canadian heroes.
  9. Écoutons la radio – Community, weather, telecommunications, geography.
  10. La pizza – Media literacy, cooking and eating.

What do the teacher’s guides look like?

Sample pages from the Teacher’s Guide (French Immersion Primary level, song “Au Canada”).


What are the student activities like?

Sample pages from Student Activities (song “Au Canada”).

What is the project timeline/administrator overview?

Au Canada is a year-long project. Below is an overview and you can download the administrator agenda here.

Students and teachers join Gregg for three secure and exclusive “Rendez-vous virtuel” (virtual visits) in December, March and May.  They are delivered in French, at a pace that makes the content accessible to all students.

September – November 2021 / Allons-y!

  • School and district bookings
  • Download teaching and learning support packages (teacher guides, activity sheets, lyrics, video links) for all four levels.
  • Do activities for ten project songs addressing key aspects of French curriculum

December 2021: Rendez-vous virtuel #1 avec Gregg!

Four viewing times available (exclusive and private login).

  • Meet and listen to Gregg LeRock perform from his studio
  • Students hear more project details directly from Gregg
  • Announcement of the “Gagnez cette guitare!” draw
  • Start preparing for the May Nationwide Culminating Event

March 2022: Rendez-vous virtuel #2 avec Gregg!

Four viewing times available (exclusive and private login).

  • Hear Gregg LeRock perform an unplugged acoustic version of an Au Canada song
  • Share samples of student project work from across Canada
  • Q&A with Gregg LeRock
  • Check in on project progress
  • Announce the winner of “Gagnez cette guitare!” draw

May 2022: Rendez-vous virtuel #3 avec Gregg! / Nationwide Culminating Event

Four viewing times available (exclusive and private login).

  • 10-song, 45 minute exclusive performance with Gregg LeRock (guitares électriques et acoustiques, voix) and DJ Daveed (batterie, mandolin, voix)
  • Professionally produced at LiveWire Remote Recorder mobile studio
  • Bonus features include cameo appearances by Gregg’s fans across Canada, and a tour of the 18-wheeler LiveWire Remote Recorder’s mobile studio. LiveWire has also recorded the Olympics, JUNO Awards, U2, Alessia Cara, the Tragically Hip, Bryan Adams, Coldplay, the Rolling Stones and dozens more.

How much does it cost and how do I purchase it?

Visit the links below for full details about each package.

You can purchase a comprehensive package for all four levels – Core Junior, Core Intermediate,  French Immersion Primary and Junior/Late – or just two levels of either Core French or French Immersion.

Upon completion of your purchase, you will receive access to all teaching materials, guides and videos for the specific package you’ve ordered (one package per school).

What if I want to use a purchase order?

You can do that by contacting us at We’d be happy to make it happen!

How do I access downloads after my purchase?

If you complete your purchase by credit card, you will be taken to a Downloads page where you can download immediately. If you don’t download right after purchasing, click the download links in your order confirmation email (check your spam or all mail folders if you don’t see it in your inbox).

If using a purchase order to pay by cheque or bank transfer, once we’ve received your PO we’ll send your order confirmation containing direct download links to all materials (check your spam if you don’t see it in your inbox).

Download links are valid for 7 days from the date of purchase. Materials are downloadable as zip archives and broken out into separate archives for Teacher’s Guides (by level), a master file for Student Activities and a file for additional administrative support documents.

When you click on a download link in the browser or in your email, it usually starts immediately (you might not even realize it is downloading) and saves automatically to the Downloads location you’ve chosen as the default on your computer (this can vary depending on your browser or email settings, too).

If you are unable to download material within the time limit or are experiencing download-related issues, no worries – we are here to help. Just contact us at

Am I permitted to share the material with others?

One package = one school. That means that if you buy one package for your school, only teachers in that school may use the content.

You may only share material with those who are part of the team you paid for when purchasing the package. Whether you are purchasing for one school, multiple schools or for a district, only those specific participants may use the material – for example, if you ordered the project for a single school, only that school may use the material provided. If you paid for multiple schools or for a district, those participants may use the material.

All material associated with Le Projet national FLS Au Canada is protected by and subject to Canadian copyright law. No material may be posted to video or social media platforms (YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, etc.), school web pages, blogs, portals, and/or other public internet sites without a prior licensing agreement from Gregg LeRock. When you purchase a package, you acknowledge your understanding that any form of sharing or republishing outside of the paid participants is in direct contravention of copyright laws and agreeing to abide by the Terms & Conditions of your transaction.

We encourage those who are making a bulk purchase to store downloaded materials on a secure server (i.e. OneDrive, NextCloud, Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.) and to manage access to downloads via private invites or by password-protecting these files wherever they are stored.

We thank you for respecting the rights of authors and creators.

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